Sagrado Travel Tours is dedicated to exploring and experiencing various aspects of an evolving world culture. Sagrado Travel Tours believes that the best way to know the world is to experience unique social events, celebrations, ceremonies and customs that define the culture of a country. That is why Sagrado Tours have organized travel tours that are as diverse as an election observation mission to Scotland’s independence referendum in 2014 and this winter’s sacred Vodou tour in Haiti.

We at Sagrado Travel Tours are dedicated to exploring and experiencing the world of cultural events in order to provide you, our fellow travelers, with an experience that will open your awareness to what lies beyond mainstream travel tourism.

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Tours + Itineraries

Sagrado Adventure Travel Tours was founded for two purposes:

  1. To provide those who have a desire for an alternative travel experience with a tour that is unique and culturally experiential.
  2. To financially support development organizations, such as the International Sustainable Community Assistance organization, which works to create agriculture development projects in southern Haiti and the Caribbean.

Sagrado Adventure Travel Tours is also dedicated to working in partnership with local personnel and suppliers to not only provide an authentic experience for our guests but also provide new markets for local enterprise such as translators, hotel owners, artisans, taxis, guides, and food entrepreneurs in developing countries. Sagrado uses top notch professional staff, top rated accommodations, equipment and services. This ensures that you can travel confidentially without the extra work of research, bookings and itinerary development required by “do it yourself” travelers and explorers.

Meet the Sagrado Adventure Travel Tours Team

David MacKay

David’s day job is an agro-food business consultant which he makes time for between film and music making. He also has a keen interest in global cultural, religion and artistic expressions.

His international development work in Haiti, Ukraine and travels to western Europe, Mexico and Central America as well as frequent trips to Cuba have given him a unique perspective on the variations and commonality between cultures and societies around the globe.

He is excited to be part of the co-ordination team organizing the Sagrado travel tours, especially the upcoming Sacred Vodou Tour this winter.

Guyere Theodore

The best way to describe Guyere Theodore (his friends call him Theo) is to say that he loves Haiti. For many this may seem odd, when viewed through the myopic eyes of Western media. Yes it is true that Haiti suffers from poverty as well as economic and political corruption, as do many countries world-wide. Yet there is another side of Haiti, what we call the spirit of Haiti, where the love of community and the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood is strong. Haitians, like Theo, inspire people with confidence and a vision of what a new Haiti can be.

Theo is best described as cultural translator who will transform what you will see and experience with words and description that will make your touring experieince come alive and remain in your memory in the years to come!

Theo has worked as a translator and a tour guide for many years throughout Haiti, with the United Nations, Productive Co-op Haiti. He has travelled in the Caribbean and North America and knows well the most beautiful vistas and beaches, how to avoid pot-holed roads, where to locate the most beautiful vistas and interesting people, the best food in town, as well as, the best beer!

Theodore will be our host, along with his cousin Naomi, during the Sacred Vodou Tour, this winter. He has had a lifelong interest in religion and has experienced first-hand the healing power of Vodou’s sacred arts, music and dance.

Lloyd Dalziel

Lloyd is a world traveler and currently serves as Chair of the international development organization ISCA-AIDC. When he is not traveling, he works with elections at the local, national and international levels.

Lloyd has over 20 years of experience in tour management, tour design, development and delivery. Simply put, his work speaks for itself (see previous tour testimonials in our Blog section).

Lloyd has wide international work experience with organizations and agencies such as: CANADEM, United Nations Peace Keeping Missions, the Organization of American States, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the European Union. Lloyd has worked globally, in various professional capacities, in Haiti, Afghanistan, East Timor, Laos, Sudan, South Sudan, Libya, Kenya, Egypt and the Ukraine and has gained a deep understanding of cultural diversity through this work.

In 2014 Lloyd was the Chef de Mission for the ISCA-AIDC referendum observation tour to Scotland. In 2015 he led a tour to Ireland to observe the Irish Marriage Equality and Age of Presidential Candidates Referendum.